8. May 2023

World No Tobacco Day 2023: Planetary healthy food, not tobacco!

We offer a three-course meal on planetary health and tobacco control, featuring speakers from all over the world. Join us on 25th May, 3 pm (CEST).
9. March 2023

New video: What’s in disposable e-cigarettes?

What raw materials are in disposable e-cigarettes? We show the consequences of their sourcing for local people and the environment.
5. January 2023

Year in review 2022

Our commitment to Tobacco Control 2022: Together with partners in Germany and around the world for more environmental protection and children's rights
21. December 2022

Tobacco industry’s greenwashing: cleaning actions, green campaigns and environmental projects

The new 'Greenwashing' category on our World Map of Tobacco Industry Strategies shows several cases of how tobacco companies are greenwashing.
7. December 2022

Supply Chains: E-Cigarettes, HTPs and water pipes

Three factsheets written by Unfairtobacco and PowerShift show the supply chains of tobacco and nicotine products. Focus: lithium, copper and bauxite.